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The American Legion is a service organization made up of veterans who served honorably in any of the military service groups and
decided to continue serving their Country and community as Legionnaires.  The American Legion was chartered by Congress on
September 16, 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization. Membership in the American Legion requires military service during time of
units are organized into groups which are designated as a “Post” with an assigned number for recognition.
All Legion programs and activities are based on a mission goal statement of “For God and Country”, and are defined by “The Four
Pillars”.  These Four Pillars outline the Legion’s ideals and beliefs in the values of community service and devotion to the ideals of
our Nation’s Founding Fathers.  The following was taken from an American Legion information publication, and explains the Pillars:

Pillar I: Veterans Affairs  
The American Legion acts as the nation’s leading advocate for proper health care, economic opportunity and legal benefits for U.S.
veterans.  The Legion was instrumental in the creation of the Veterans Administration in 1930.  The National Commander at the end
of WWII actually wrote the WWII GI Bill almost word for word on a hotel napkin.  The relationship between VA and The American
Legion continues to evolve today.

Pillar II:  National Security
Our key national security positions are:
  • A well funded military
  • Awareness and surveillance of rogue nations and terrorist groups
  • Support for the Department of Homeland Security including protection of U.S. borders
  • A decent quality of life for troops and their families

Pillar III:  Americanism
As an organization dedicated to God and country – We take deep pride in the U.S. Flag and all that it means – We Have always been
a stalwart champion of patriotism, morality and citizenship. --- Americanism is The American Legion’s devotion to law and order, the
raising of wholesome youth, respectful observance of patriotic holidays, education and law abiding citizenship.

Pillar IV:  Children and Youth
This pillar provides service guided by three main objectives:  1. To strengthen the family unit.  2. To support quality organizations that
provides services for children and youth. 3. To provide communities with well rounded programs that meet the physical, educational,
emotional and spiritual needs of young people.

The American Legion Posts are family oriented and have supporting organizations which work in conjunction to the Legion Post
members in order to meet the goal of veteran and community assistance.

The American Legion Auxiliary; female and male family members, and the Sons of the American Legion; male descendants of
qualified veterans are also important component organizations of a Post.  These two organizations complete the Post Legion Family,
and work in conjunction with the Legion members to support the veteran and community projects toward the common goals.  And in
recognition of the Legion’s contributions to the veterans and communities in the State of Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal, has issued
a Commendation naming September 16, 2014, American Legion Day in Georgia.   
American Legion Post 143
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The Officers of the Post Executive
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