American Legion
Post 143
"For God and Country"
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Commander Ronnie Pate

Given the Pandemic situation it’s a risk to hold the regular scheduled meetings.
Consequently, all meetings are officially cancelled by the Post Officers. We will be polling the
Officers each month to determine if the majority wants to hold a meeting. Of course, we’ll
practice the CDC Guidelines of wearing a mask and social distancing. The meeting status
will be posted on the WEB Home page at, WEB calendar @ www. and in the Times-Georgian Newspaper.

The 2021 Membership renewals are in progress. Thanks to those members who have
already renewed their respective memberships and we look forward to achieving 100%
renewal by December 21, 2020. Sr. Vice Cmdr. Randy Purser will describe the easy and
convenient methods to renew your membership.

We will be proposing three 2020-2021 Goals to the Executive Committee as follows:
1.)        Explore broadcasting Virtual meeting proceedings. (Lead, Frank Joswick)
2.)        Formalize a “Buddy Check” system for contacting each member on a monthly basis.
           (Bill Maddox will Lead this program.)
3.)        Amend the Constitution, By-Laws, and Standard Operating Practices.
           (Richard Guynn will lead this effort.)

In closing, I’m honored and excited to have been selected to serve as the Post 143
Commander for the period July 2020-June 2021. This China disease will slow our programs
down, however, it will not stop our service to veterans and respective families. This
determination is exemplified by continuing to provide financial support by the Service Officer
and rendering Military Honors at veteran’s funerals by the Post Honor Guard. We improvise,
adapt, and overcome, Legionnaires! You may contact me by calling 404.406.4721 and/or
email at

                                THANKS TO EACH OF YOU FOR CONTINUING TO SERVE!
  1. Thomas Hardy      
  2. Steven Holder       
  3. Homer Barnwell   
  4. Don McEwen         
  5. Scott Jackson       
  6. Randal Moore
  7. Ronnie Parson
  8. Ralph Cook
  9. Jack Etress
  10. Jack Hagood
  11. Paul Rice
  12. Jeremy King
  13. Robert Langley
  14. Amer Gonzales
JUL 2020-JUN 2021
JUL 2019-JUN 2020
  1. Jose Marti
  2. Billy Payne            
  3. Barry Thomas        
  4. Charles Johnson  
On August 4, 2020, the
Carroll County Board of
Commissioners signed a
Proclamation  declaring
Carroll County as a Purple
Heart County.

Click on the Purple Heart to
view a video of the BOC's  
Special Presentation.
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